If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"Dr. Kubicek did an excellent job bonding my daughters teeth to cover up her Fluorosis.  Several options were discussed, and the staff was so patient with us making this decision.  They had to really work to match tooth color and it looks fantastic, very natural! thank you Aspen Park Dental, WE LOVE IT!!"

-Justine Creel

"Dr. Chris Higuchi and staff have been treating all my dental needs since 2007.  They are the absolute best at their craft!  My family and I trust them with everything dental, and I am happy to call them friends as well as being patients of theirs.  They are friendly and efficient!  Whether it's a cleaning, or major work, you can't go wrong with these folks!  I highly recommend them!"

-Vince R.

"Today I experienced an amazing Dental Organization!!! I had waited way too long to get a wisdom tooth pulled and looked in my home town for a specialist for my needs and found Aspen Park Dental. I made the appointment to see Dr. Higuchi and staff! He told me he could pull my wisdom tooth right then and I Immediately locked up with anxiety and fear as I maybe thought today was an xray and evaluation for a plan of action. His wonderful staff calmed me down and assured me Dr. Higuchi was a gentle expert. I cannot tell anyone out there reading this ....HOW true this was! I really overworked myself with stress and fear of pain and they were so good to me! My painful wisdom tooth is out and I am happy and healthy. This office worked hard for my calming and successful results! If I could I would give every single one of them giant hugs for taking such great care of me I would!!!! Thank you Aspen Park Dental!"

-Tara Dawn

"Dr. Higuchi is, hands down, the best dentist we have ever had. We have lived in many states (both of us were in the military) and have had the pleasure of going to many military and civilian dentists. Both Tim and I are patients of Dr. Higuchi and feel the same way about his exceptional level of care. Aspen Park Dental also has technologically-superior equipment setting them apart from other dental practices. There is little doubt this aids tremendously in discovering potential dental issues that older equipment just cannot detect as readily. Dr. Higuchi's staff is top-notch. And there is one hygienist superstar worthy of mention...Darlene. We have not had any other hygienist even come close to comparison. We will miss her greatly. We are moving out of state and can only hope to find another "Aspen Park Dental."


"I love this dental office.  The office staff is friendly and accommodating, my hygienist is skilled and gentle and Dr. Higuchi is very skilled, professional and really listens to and cares about his patients.  I recently had some cosmetic work done--2 crowns and two veneers.  I broke my front teeth when I was nine years old and have had various cosmetic procedures over the years.  I have never felt like my teeth were attractive or even natural looking.  When one of my previous veneers chipped, I started looking around for a dentist that does good cosmetic work.  I even visited a cosmetic dentist in Tucson, AZ, who has a great reputation.  I was quoted by him and another cosmetic dentist in Denver $10,000 to do 4 veneers.  I knew that I couldn't spend that much just to have a pretty smile, so I decided to just ask my family dentist to redo my teeth and hope for the best.  Well, Dr. Higuchi listened to my concerns about my smile, picked the perfect color, and three weeks later, I have the smile I have always wanted!  Beautiful, translucent, natural-looking, perfectly shaped teeth, with no ugly shadows or spaces!  I could not be happier.  AND the two crowns were covered by insurance.  So, for $1,800, Dr. Higuchi gave me the smile of my dreams.  Why go to a cosmetic dentist when you can go to Dr. Higuchi and get the same amazing results at an affordable rate??  I highly recommend him for general dentistry, and especially for cosmetic work!"

-Donna Maksimuk

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